#ATD2018 — Our Favorite Sessions and What We’re Most Excited For

Emily Meade
Posted: May 3, 2018

With #atd2018 right around the corner, there is so much to look forward to! Between networking with fellow learners, perusing the expo, catching team dinners at delicious San Diego eateries, enjoying rooftop views at our Mix & Mingle happy hour, and more, we can’t wait for the buzz and excitement this busy week holds. Although we are sure our Innovators are looking forward to all of those fun opportunities, we wanted to ask a few attending the convention what sessions and keynote speaker presentations they are looking forward to sitting in on the most. From our founder and CEO to our account managers, it looks like there’s something for everyone!

Debbie Wooldridge, CEO & Founder

“I can’t wait for #atd2018! There are so many opportunities for personal and career growth. I’m especially looking forward to hearing Barack Obama share as the opening keynote speaker for the convention, and I’m excited to see our team grow from the many incredible sessions ahead!”

  • Training 2020: Strategies for Engaging Future Workforce Learners
  • Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
  • Overcoming the Challenge of Evaluating Outsourced and Off-the-Shelf Training
  • Game-Based Learning and Gamification in Corporate Training: Best Practices and New Trends
  • Getting Started With Augmented Reality
  • LinkedIn 101: Build a Stellar Profile

Lesley Lang, Account Manager

“There are so many [sessions] to choose from! And there are also so many our team would REALLY benefit from, so I would even like to go to some of those to spread anything to the team.”

  • Costly Conversations: Why Employee Communication Is Breaking Your Bottom Line
  • Business Readiness: Ensuring Our Teams Are Ready for What’s Next
  • Successful Leadership Transitions: How a Global Company Equips Its Leaders for New Roles
  • Managing Conflict With Emotional Intelligence for a Winning Team
  • Developing the Long-Distance Leader
  • What Your CEO Wants You to Know: Building Business Acumen
  • Developing Agile Leaders: Coaching for Rapid Change

Cheri Vaughn, Account Manager

“Definitely looking forward to the keynote by President Obama and the other keynote presenters! Since many of our clients are global organizations, I am very interested in many of the sessions within the Global Human Resource Development track, specifically, those below:”

  • Belonging Across Boundaries: Strategies for Successful Global Virtual Team Collaboration
  • Engaging Global Teams Using Storytelling, Mentoring, and Reverse Coaching
  • Artificial Intelligence Has Reached a Tipping Point. Will It End L&D as We Know It?
  • Adapt for Your Global Audience: Design and Delivery
  • Revolutionizing Talent Development: A Case Study

Cheriann Cain, Account Manager

“Here are my top picks!”

  • Harnessing Technology for Team Intelligence: A Case Study
  • Using Technology to Produce Learning Transfer and Sustainable Corporate Change
  • Frontline Learning: Engaging Salespeople Through Success Stories
  • The Art of Influencing Stakeholders
  • Achieving Maximum Retention: Brain-Based Principles for the Virtual Classroom
  • Ever Wonder Why…SQUIRREL!: Hacking the Brain to Increase Focus and Creativity
  • Best Practices for Implementing Gamification in Talent Development
  • Microlearning: What? Why? How?

Are you attending? If so, what are you most looking forward to? We created this fun template to share on your Instagram Stories. To use, all you need to do is insert your favorite GIFs into the circles. The end result will likely look something like this…

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