April Showers Bring 9 Blog Posts You Can’t Miss!

Emily Meade
Posted: May 2, 2018

Can you believe May is already here? It seems like yesterday we were busy ringing in the new year and talking about how to achieve work-life balance in 2018! Since time is flying by, we’ve rounded up the incredible content April had in store here on the ttcInnovations’ blog. Be assured, there were no April Fools tricks involved! From a very “comical” project spotlight to continuing our brand new series, Tiny Topics, there is much to comb through and learn from. Fill your cup of joe to the brim and settle in to browse your one-stop shop:

  1. Top 10 Tweets and Takeaways That Will Ease Your #LSCon FOMO — To kick off the month, we put together resources published across social media from the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo that was held in March. Although our team was not able to attend, this is a conference that we will definitely keep in mind for the future. Attendees posted tweets, takeaways, quotes, and even materials that YOU can take advantage of right from your desk. Psst…we even included the link that will take you directly to the conference resource website!
  2. How to Twist Up the Traditional Teach-Back Method — We continued our most recent series on the blog, Tiny Topics! These are microlearning posts that take just a few minutes to read and help you #UnlockInnovation each week. We threw it back to learning 101 to bring you the teach-back method, jigsaw style. Find out the three puzzle pieces of this training technique to implement during your next group activity!
  3. 6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Learning Inspiration — Did you know we’re on Instagram? Since we started connecting with fellow learners and Innovators on the platform a few months ago, we’ve also had a chance to find brands, companies, networking groups, and associations in the industry as well. It’s been fun to follow along and has definitely fed inspiration to our creative minds. Grab your phone and get grammin’ with these accounts that will do the same for you!
  4. Action Mapping and How to Prevent Information Overload — For this week’s Tiny Topic, we explored how to utilize action mapping in the instructional design process to prevent TMI (too much information!). This helps not only the learner but also YOU as you are planning the learning event. As we all know, knowledge ≠ loads of information; and action mapping will help you condense your information into streamlined, action-packed materials that are dedicated to improving business performance.
  5. Project Spotlight: A Comic-al Spin on Compliance Training — Whether you enjoy the comics or not, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun take on compliance training. In this recent project, we took a subject that isn’t typically known as the most exciting and turned it into a finished storyline that left our clients marveled. With a BAM and a POW, take a look at this blog post to see if we managed to take on the plot twist of rules and regulations for a successful, superhero ending!
  6. What Do You Really Need to Include in Your Learning Plan? — Well, that could be a lengthy answer, but in this Tiny Topic, we focused on one in particular — guided notetaking! Did you know that guided notetaking enables a student to be an active participant, provides insightful background information, and requires the student to participate? See how we used this engaging method in an onboarding project to increase learning retention.
  7. 6 Ways You Can Stay on The Innovative Edge — So many resources, so little time. Can you relate? There is an amazing plethora of learning opportunities at our fingertips in the learning and development industry, yet that can feel overwhelming at times. In this blog post, we break down six ways in which you can invest your time to make it easier to remain up to date and in the loop. From subscribing to newsletters for insightful reads to attending upcoming conferences (like #atd2018!) for networking, this post will put your mind at ease and give you direction on where to focus your attention.
  8. How to Calculate Your Learning and Development ROI With Ease [FREE Template] — Our CEO, Debbie Wooldridge walks you through step-by-step how to crunch the numbers (headache free) and prove your training ROI with this handy free calculator! Click through to download your copy and prove the power of your learning team to your business partners!
  9. How to Create Focus With Infographics — Creating a visual effect to direct learners’ focus can be a wonderful and easy trick to add dimension — even in a PPT (Powerpoint) presentation or an ILT (instructor-led training). Check out this handy tutorial to help you focus in on what’s important in your infographics. Oh, and don’t miss out on our upcoming free webinar, to put the finishing touches on your PowerPoint slides like a pro!

There you have it! If you’ve lost track of time, this month in review for April’s content is sure to catch you up. With April at a close, our official countdown is on until our sold out ATD Mix & Mingle happy hour event on May 8, 2018, in sunny San Diego! Find out more information here, or email jessica.howell@ttcinnovations.com to join the waitlist! We hope to see you there!

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