Action Mapping and How to Prevent Information Overload

Kesha Dougan
Posted: April 10, 2018

For today’s Tiny Topic, we’re talking about information overload — specifically, how to avoid it when working with subject matter experts who ask for everything, including the kitchen sink!

According to Bill Jensen in Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage: “Undisciplined communication is the third biggest source of harmful complexity in business.”

One of the key things Mr. Jensen refers to in this book is what we know in the learning world as information overload, knowledge dump, or kitchen sink training. Whatever you like to call it — no one needs it!

We must STOP the madness and help our SMEs understand that knowledge does NOT equal loads and loads of information.

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To avoid overwhelming learners with information, check out this instructional design process: action mapping. Action mapping is a quick, visual process used to design projects.

This instructional design strategy helps change what people do, not just what they know. It allows you to design action-packed materials that are 100% dedicated to improving business performance, and it can keep stakeholders from adding extraneous information.

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The action mapping concept was developed by Cathy Moore. For more details and tips for getting started, flip through this slide deck and read on to the companion article here!

Try it today to #UnlockInnovation!

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