8 Questions with a Corporate Training Client Relationship Executive

Kat Bourgeois
Posted: December 9, 2014

Today we’re talking with Teresa Chiapputo, the face of ttcInnovations to many of our clients.

Teresa, can you describe your role with ttcInnovations?

I’m all about relationships. I ensure that our clients — at all levels — enjoy all the benefits of having ttcInnovations as a partner. On any given day I may be bidding on a new project, adapting to a change in business needs, or helping a project team win over a difficult subject matter expert.

You seem to have so much fun working with our clients! What makes your job so much fun?

Building and maintaining relationships is a joy for me. That said, it’s always easy to have fun when you have great clients (as I do!) and a talented team behind you (our ttcInnovators). We laugh a lot, seldom cry, and view each challenge as an opportunity to try something new.


Laughing IS part of our job!

What opportunities do you have to innovate in working with our clients?

If you really care — and we do really care — you are innovating continually to help your clients achieve their business objectives sooner and smarter. I relish situations in which our client is happy, but we act to deliver even more. We have created ways to increase our speed-to-market and efficiencies to cut training costs while maximizing results.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

If I had a “typical” work day, I wouldn’t be doing this job! I’m obsessed with figuring out what makes people tick. It takes time, attention, and a willingness to adapt to a variety of personalities. So, no day is typical, but every day is special.

Few training companies experience the type of growth ttcInnovations has enjoyed. What is your role in maintaining quality in the face of such rapid growth?

We are already committed to quality as defined by industry and company standards. But that’s not enough. How does our client define quality? What is our client’s expectation? How can we position the project to exceed those expectations? The answers to those questions are my job.

What do you see as challenges ahead for training companies, specifically for ttcInnovations?

We love meeting challenges head-on. Cognizant of the rapid pace of change in our clients’ businesses and employee demographics, we’re using ever-emerging technologies to recommend learning solutions that are readily available in a variety of media. We’re also focusing on “how to” and “why to” content that can be digested in smaller chunks while on the job.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Shop with my two girls and do agility training with my Australian Shepherd puppies. I love the fun and energy they bring to whatever they do — the girls and the puppies!


Teresa and her daughters, Elena and Amy.

And finally, what is your favorite non-work app on your computer?

Kindle app! I’m a huge reader and love the instant gratification I get in downloading a new book whenever I like and wherever I am.

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