6 PowerPoint Resources We’re Thankful For

Emily Meade
Posted: November 20, 2018

Do you ever feel like you could improve your PowerPoint presentation designs? Maybe you always stick to the same look or feel limited by brand standards. Regardless of how you feel about your projects, there is always room for improvement and learning from others! As your learning team puts together PowerPoints for effective training, you’ll want to take advantage of these six (free!) PowerPoint resources we’re thankful for this season. Improve designs, learn some helpful tips and tricks, add animations and transitions, and more! Grab a pumpkin spice latte or apple cider and hunker down to start reading (or listening) and improve your PowerPoint slides today!

If you like webinars…

How to Design Your PowerPoint Slides like a Pro — Webinar

Learn how to be a pro at designing PowerPointsfrom the pros themselves. One of our master instructional designers, Kesha, and our graphic designer, Cortney, present actionable tips to improve your slides. Learn how to work within restrictive brand standards, get creative with color palettes, utilize classic graphic design techniques, and more. Bonus: Walk away with additional insight on gaining client approval and presenting your work to the toughest critics!

How to Bring Your PowerPoint Training to Life with Better Animations & Transitions — Webinar

Instructional designers, this one is for YOU! Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to take your PowerPoint to the next level with animations and transitions. Kesha and Cortney are back to show you how both can be sleek and fun while improving engagement. Trade in tacky for sophisticated and traditional for unexpected to create the most impact with your web-based training.

If short reads are more your style…

How to Create Simple and Effective Instructional Designs

As they often say, “less is more,” and we’re revisiting this aspect of the design process. Take a quick break to read through this short blog post and judge your work with this list of questions in mind to help you visually simplify. The goal is to keep your PowerPoint slides simple yet effective for the viewer.

A PowerPoint Tip to Make Your Slides More Professional

While there are plenty of tips to make your PowerPoint slides look more polished, we consider this one to be in the top five. What could it be, you ask? Cut out the background of images! If you’ve ever wanted to cut out the white background space in a photo, we’ve got you covered. This is a short tutorial that will help you easily remove the background so when you insert the image in your slide, it looks, well — professional!

If you need design tips…

How to Be Bold with Your PowerPoint Slides

The trick? Don’t be afraid to be BOLD! In this Tiny Topic blog post, Kesha shares Cortney’s tips on tweaking your graphic designs to make them eye catching and engaging to your audience. Remember, lessis always morein the graphic design world — it just comes down to how the information is presented. Put into practice these four rules of thumb to design boldly and capture the viewers’ attention!

How to Turn Heads with Your PowerPoint Headers

Headers are one of the key components of your presentation. Not only will they guide the study, but they communicate to the learner what their expectations should be of what is ahead. It is crucial to choose powerful PowerPoint presentation headers to lead with intention. Learn the two tips to creating effective headers that drive results.

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