3 Apps Every Instructional Designer Should Use

Jessica Howell
Posted: December 9, 2016

Because it’s almost 2017, there’s a pretty good chance you’re reading this blog post on your phone. That’s just what we do these days—we use our phones for everything. Why should instructional design be any different? Mobile apps can not only make the creation process easier but make the implementation much smoother as well. Keep reading to see some of our favorite instructional design and productivity apps for the new year!

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Boost, Formerly Known as Slyng

Boost is an iOs, Android and web-based app that allows you to share content for free by pushing information to select people in your network. You can share to larger audiences or create collaborative small groups. You can source content from any resource, organize it into a channel and then push the content to your employees. One of the best features is that it gives you feedback so you can see which content is resonating with your employees and which isn’t.


This is just an all-around useful app to have on hand. Evernote can be used for taking notes, jotting down new design ideas, collecting feedback—you name it. The best part is it syncs seamlessly with all of your devices so you’ll never be without your notes whenever you find yourself needing a reference.

Paper by WeTransfer

If you’re a more tactile designer, this productivity app allows you to draw and sketch out your course design. You also can use it to create to-do lists, wireframes, photo annotations, and diagrams. Once you’re done, you can export your work to PowerPoint® or Keynote.

So next time you sit down to start crafting your next eLearning course, consider diving into some of these resourceful apps. Do you have any apps you swear by for instructional design? Let us know in the comments!

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