5 Ways to Avoid Distraction & Increase Productivity

Posted: October 2, 2014

So much to do, so little time! How often do we reach the end of our day and wonder, where did time go? While we can’t conjure up an extra five hours in the day, minimizing distractions during working hours is one surefire way to tackle you to-do list in a timely manner.

Maximize your productive potential by trying out these five tips to avoid distraction and stay on top.

Silence Your Cellphone

It’s hard to keep your workflow going with incessant buzzing interrupting your train of thought. Unless you’re expecting an important call or have a phone meeting scheduled, set your cell phone to silent or place it in another room. Check for missed text messages and phone calls on designated breaks only.

Can’t go completely silent? Adjust your phone settings to allow only certain calls to come through when silent. Many smart phones have a customizable “Do Not Disturb” mode that enables emergency phone calls, such as from your kids’ school or a significant other, come through even when your device is silenced.

Turn Off Alerts & Unnecessary Notifications

Email is the ultimate time killer. While necessary for communication and sending documents back and forth, constant alerts popping up on your desktop can break into your workflow quicker than you can say “You’ve got mail!”.

Stay on top of your inbox and rid yourself of digital distraction with these savvy tips for breaking the email addiction.

Internet Time-Out

The internet- can live with it, can’t live without it. Webpages quickly become time-wasting black holes as you jump from link to link, interesting article to Twitter, and back again. If you can, work from a WiFi-free zone or look into site-blocking apps that only allow you to access select pages- or no Internet at all- during a designated time period.

Keep a Clean & Organized Workspace

When you can’t find a pen among your piles of mail and days old coffee cups and knock over It’s downright difficult to work in a messy space.

Quick tip: maximize your space with these office space savers and get rid of the clutter with these helpful tips.

Make a Priority List

Facing down a packed day of to-do’s is a daunting way to begin the morning. Instead, take a few minutes before you begin work to draw up a priority list. Prevent an overwhelming page of must-do’s by writing out only what needs to be done today. Leave tomorrow’s projects for tomorrow, or get a head start only once you’ve completed this day’s priorities.

Set deadlines with yourself throughout the day, breaking down projects in to bite-sized pieces you can easily tackle. Completing one small project will become a catalyst to finish the next item and then the next, so you can end the day feeling productive and on top.

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