5+ Star-Worthy Learning and Development Resources

Jessica Howell
Posted: September 20, 2017

For the past two weeks, our internal Innovators have had their heads down, plugging away at our Back to School Challenge. Week two has been a really fun one! We’re even seeing some new students (Innovators) signing on to take the “class” after our week one Teacher’s Pets led the way. So let’s continue our theme of “sharing is caring” this week by rounding up our students’ homework and helpful resources below. Enjoy!


  1. How To Create Effective Microlearning In Five Steps  — Did you know that most people will check their email at least 30 times a day and their smartphones over 150 times a day? Shocking, right?! One of our Innovators was surprised to hear this data and really enjoyed catching up on this free webinar recording!
  2. The Surprising Truth & 3 Myths Busted About Staff Aug — “Building a relationship with a learning vendor is like a good casserole, it gets better over time!” We love this analogy that Teresa uses to describe the benefits of staff augmentation!
  3. Versatile Microlessons Are Powerful Performance Boosters — Everything but the kitchen sink isn’t always what our learners need! Find out more about needs-based learning here!
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Millennial Team Building — Trust falls are so 2016! Here are the real dos and don’ts for motivating Millennials in the workforce!
  5. Insights For Designing Blended Learning — This podcast episode by focuses on all things blended learning: what it is, when it’s applicable, how to determine what modalities are needed, and more! Our favorite takeaway is: “Blended learning is not about whether you’re using the classroom or eLearning, the virtual classroom or social learning — it’s how content is conveyed to the learner in the best way possible.” Can we get an AMEN?!

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