5 Resources to Help You Cultivate Professional Development

Emily Meade
Posted: October 2, 2018

While we can’t believe fall is already here, we are looking forward to the month of October because we are launching our newest staff augmentation division, Innovators on Demand™. You won’t want to miss out on this new way for learning leaders to augment and empower teams with Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold™. Until then, here are some helpful resources that September had in store for you to cultivate professional development!

6 Learning Blog Posts to Propel You Into Fall. Catch our monthly recap of August! Instead of combing through our blog searching for recent titles, this is your one-stop shop to all things staff augmentation, recent webinar recaps, free downloads and more. August was jam-packed with helpful resources!

The Future of L&D IS Augmented But Not in the Way You Think. Did you know that staff augmentation is the newest and fastest-growing workforce trend in America today? Our very own CEO, Debbie Wooldridge, dives a little deeper into the current challenges of the L&D industry and provides a solution that may be the answer to your staffing needs. Whether you’re dealing with talent shortages or hiring freezes, Debbie has input that could help the challenges at hand.

The Top 4 Soft Skills You Need To Ace An Interview. Do you have an interview coming up soon? Our HR Specialist, Nicole Whitney, has a few pieces of advice for you! Tips in particular. Learn how to showcase your soft skills like communication, adaptability, collaboration, and positivity in an interview to gain credibility and relatability.

A PowerPoint Tip to Make Your Slides More Professional. If you’ve wondered how to cut out the background of photos to insert them into you PowerPoint slides, here’s a 5 step tutorial! So easy, even you could do it. This extra step in the design process allows for flawless, professional photos in your slides that have an appealing aesthetic.

19 Tips for the Best Professional LinkedIn Profile [PLUS 4 Bonus Tips]. If you don’t know where to begin when updating your LinkedIn profile, here’s a thorough starting point. Follow these 19 tips so you can have the best professional LinkedIn profile to get networking and make connections. And for all you overachievers who want to take your LinkedIn to the next level, download our FREE guide for 4 bonus tips!


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