4 Twitter Chats for Instructional Designers

Posted: March 25, 2015

Twitter is for more than just reading up on celebrities’ 140-character lives and finding interesting reads. Enter the Twitter chat.

Hosted by various companies, organizations, and even fellow designers, chats usually follow a theme or topic and encourage response. Answer questions, reply to other chat participants, and drop in your own bits of advice while following along with a designated hash tag.

Here are four of our favorite Twitter chats for instructional designers you just have to join in on.


Hosted by Inside Online Learning, this weekly chat covers a variety of topics from trends in online education to new digital tools, and more. Learn from your fellow attendees experiences and share your own during this chat.

#IOLchat is held once a week featuring a new eLearning topic. Be sure to visit their page each week to check out the date, time, and topic, scroll through last week’s chat you may have missed, and even request a future discussion topic.


Participants of #lrnchat e-meet weekly on Twitter to dig deeper into the larger discussion on how people learn in both informal, formal, social, and mobile ways. Each chat starts out with the basic question, “What did you learn today?” before diving in to the focus of the week.

#lrnchat is for anyone interested in peeling back the layers on what it means to learn and how we can contribute through our work and home lives.


Hosted by eLearning Guild, #guildchat highlights a different topic each week surrounding current trends in the learning industry. Before the chat each week, discussion questions are posted on the eLeaning Guild to get your juices flowing.

Quick, join in! On Friday, March 27th, #guildchat will be covering the topic, “What We Learned at the Learning Solutions and Ecosystem 2015 Conferences”. This chat will explore a few of the themes and takeaways from these two conferences. For those of you would couldn’t make it to these events or just want to join in on an extended discussion, this is the chat for you!


This weekly conversation was founded back in 2009, and still exists today! #Edchat gives educators in a variety of fields a space to discuss current teaching trends, learn how to integrate technology, and connect with other educators world-wide.

Topics include, “The Importance of Branding in a Digital Age”, “What Does ‘Future Ready’ Really Mean?” and “How is Online Learning Different than Classroom Learning?”. Vote for the next topic, read old chat transcripts, and meet the moderators on their homepage.

Twitter chats bring the conversation to a larger audience in a simple way. So take your networking skills to the next level and you may just learn something valuable and new! At the very least, walk away with a few more Twitter friends and some inspiration to power you through your day.

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