4 Productivity Apps No Entrepreneur Can Live Without: Part 1

Posted: December 11, 2014

If there’s one thing we all wish for, it’s more time. With the holiday season ramping up and filling our calendars with holiday cheer, settling back in to the work grind can get a little more difficult.

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Evernote is almost like the Swiss Army knife of organizing. Take notes, make To-Do lists, jot down ideas, and organize receipts all within this one app. Separate work and life by categorizing entries into notebooks.

Your entries sync across all of your devices when connected to Wifi, ensuring you never miss a beat. Evernote is available in both a free and a paid version for Web, iOS, and Android.


With much of our personal information being stored online, it is critical to form strong passwords varying across all logins to keep us safe. But who has time to remember a list of random letters, numbers, and symbols?

LastPass is a great online plug-in that can generate, store, and recall your passwords for you. Simply create one login for LastPass and they do the rest, dropping in usernames and passwords for you each time you visit your saved sites. The app is free to use on your Mac or PC, or only $12 a year to download the premium version to extend to your mobile devices as well.


Sometimes it is all too easy to let the day slip away from us. One innocent click on an article link can send us on an informational scavenger hunt through the interwebs until we find ourselves on the infinite scroll through Twitter. Time tracking is one fool-proof way to keep you on track.

Toggl is a simple way to track your tasks by running a timer in the background of your computer as you work. Start and stop as needed, and log details pertaining to each task. Get an overview of how you spend your time each day so you can make changes to stay more productive.

Toggl’s simple layout and clean interface make it pleasing and easy to use. Basic time tracking is free, and $5 per month grants you access to extended features.


The internet is chock full of interesting articles and news stories, which can unfortunately become time wasters as we click from link to link when we should be working away. Instapaper lets you easily save the recipes, articles, funny GIFs, and blog posts like this one to read or use later.

Your saved pieces can be easily organized within the app and accessed across any device when you have the spare time. Instapaper is free to use, and just $3 per month to access premium features.

What are some of your favorite work apps?

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