4 Leadership Certifications that Will Benefit You and Your Team

Jessica Howell
Posted: November 8, 2018

This timeless quote by Jack Welch sums up the right frame of mind for aspiring leaders perfectly —

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Click To Tweet

As a respectable learning and development professional, you will likely find a time in your career where it is in your team’s best interest (keywords here — your team), and consequently your own, for you to discover how to lead with integrity, instigate a culture of intrapreneurship, and inspire your peers to grow in their own leadership roles.

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One surefire way to develop your managerial leadership skills and inspire others to dream bigger, learn deeper, and become the best versions of themselves is to pursue a leadership certificate. By enhancing your leadership skills, you can directly affect the advancement of both your coworkers’ careers and your own — a true win-win!

Today, we’re sharing four of the top training and development certifications for aspiring leaders looking to boost acumen in the following areas:

  • Developing your leadership style
  • Evaluating the success of your leadership initiatives
  • Employing strategies to attract and retain Millennial talent
  • Identifying potential leaders in your organization

1. ATD Certificate in Strategic Leadership

If you thought you’d be sitting through hours upon hours of boring lectures, think again! ATD believes in the importance of being fully engaged through the use of social simulations, role-play, assessments, and individualized feedback to help you discover how to finesse your personal leadership style, influence your coworkers, and build trusting relationships within your company culture. In this two-day instructor-led training, you’ll discover and develop a clear roadmap of the next steps to become a more strategic leader. Learn more about the upcoming training opportunity in San Diego on December 9 – 10, 2018 here, including course objectives, what to expect, and eligible credits upon completion.

Member Cost:$1,495.00
Non-Member Cost:$1,695.00

2. Leading Leadership Development Certificate

The Leading Leadership Development Certificate (say that five times fast!) offered by Training Industry will arm you with the tools and strategies needed to successfully manage your organization’s leadership development programs. It’s perfect for any learning leader seeking knowledge on how to develop an enterprise-wide leadership effort, align business goals with leadership initiatives, evaluate the success of their training programs, and identify strong leaders within their company. This two-day course is offered once a quarter as a virtual instructor-led class. Click here to learn more and apply for the next training opportunity on December 6 – 7, 2018.


3. Attracting, Retaining and Leading Millennials | The Millennial Project by ttcInnovations

Do you work closely with Millennials and wonder how you can bridge generational gaps that might be causing disparity within your team? If so, The Millennial Project might be perfect for you! In this half-day instructor-led session filled with hands-on activities, you’ll discover how to be the most effective leader for your organization and your Millennial employees. Geared toward human resource professionals and managers, this session will dig deep into what is most important to Millennials — what makes them stay with a company and what drives them to look for other opportunities. Participants leave with the ability to adapt their leadership approach and ready to deploy new strategies to attract and retain key Millennial talent. Click “play” on the video below to learn more about The Millennial Project and reach out to Debbie more information.

Cost: Connect with Debbie for group pricing.
Watch the Webinar: Building Your Roadmap for Attracting Millennials

4. Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate

Another great hands-on leadership development opportunity offered by ATD is the Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate. In this two-day instructor-led session, you’ll be guided through the proprietary ATD model for crafting leadership programs for your organization. You’ll discover how to use your company data to develop leadership initiatives, demonstrate the business value for said programs, evaluate program performance, and identify potential candidates within your organization to participate in your program. Learn more about the upcoming training opportunities here, including course objectives, what to expect, and eligible credits upon completion. 

Member Cost:$1,395.00
Non-Member Cost:$1,595.00

Whether you’re interested in finding your personal leadership style, developing an enterprise-wide leadership initiative, or inspiring a team of intrapreneurs — there are plenty of leadership certificate programs to choose from. But might we suggest taking a deeper look into The Millennial Project— our signature workshop for companies ready to engage and retain the next generation of leaders!

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