4 Benefits of a Mentorship Program

Nicole Whitney
Posted: May 28, 2019

Mentoring and feedback are a win-win for both organizations as well as consultants and employees alike. Mentorship programs can set you up for success, organically illuminate company culture and stimulate an engaged organization. I will outline a few of the benefits of mentorship, the power of feedback and will also provide a glimpse into ttcInnovations’ approach.

Benefits of Mentorship

Set You Up for Success

Mentorship is a great way for an employee or consultant to be introduced and seamlessly acclimate to a company’s process. Mentorship programs ease the critical ramp up period when new hires are consumed withquestions like:

  • “Wait, how do I do this?”
  • “Who do I ask for this?”
  • “Where is this?”

By having a go-to person or mentor process set in place will help alleviate the early stressors of a new role. Mentorship provides a crash course in navigating a new organization. Ways mentors can ease those early stressors:

  • Reiterate what to expect and what the expectations are within the organization
  • Provide helpful client or project tips
  • Conduct deliverable reviews

As a company, don’t allow for mediocre mentorship, set your employees and consultants up for success and as a “newbie” to the organization take advantage.

Transmit Company Culture

How do you communicate culture? How do you learn and absorb a company’s culture as a new employee or consultant?  One way, you guessed it, is through mentorship. The ability to experience culture firsthand is critical to truly understanding an organization. Through mentorship one is able to observe core values demonstrated on a day-to-day basis. Culture is more than words in a handbook and mentors can lead by example.

At ttcInnovations, our core values are showcased through our mentorship program. Mentees see INNOVATION unfold on project teams. Mentor’s review of deliverables ensures and enhances QUALITY. All the while the importance of RESPONSIVENESS and INTEGRITY is continuously reiterated through observation.

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An Engaged Organization

At the heart of mentorship is guidance and council but also a conversation. A conversation that leads to collaboration and feedback within an organization, an engaged organization. The back and forth dialogue can spur anything from innovation to efficiency. Mentorship provides the opportunity to learn from peers and also stimulate professional development.

Many core values can be strengthened by an engaged organization, including responsiveness. The ability to react both quickly and positively can be fueled by the help of a mentor.

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Power of Feedback


Mentorship will lay the groundwork and continued support will be enhanced with good, constructive feedback. Egos aside, feedback produces better end products. Sometimes we are so immersed in a project that our outlook becomes narrow and we can no longer pull back to see a different approach or picture. Feedback is a great way to remove those blinders and help break through barriers. Be wary however, thoughtless, unproductive feedback can be crippling. Feedback must be mindful and constructive to produce a positive outcome.

What to consider when communicating constructive feedback:

  • Try to be as specific as possible.
  • Be timely – don’t wait for the project to wrap or for a yearly review.
  • Potentially offer suggestions or solutions.
  • Be respectful and sincere.

ttcInnovations’ Approach

ttcInnovations’ Mentorship Program & ttcAcademy

At ttcInnovations, new consultants have the opportunity to be partnered with a seasoned member of the ttcInnovations team. Mentors connect with new Innovators just before the kickoff of their first project to help navigate ttc process and provide client guidance to help ensure project success out of the gate.

Along with mentorship there is also ttcAcademy, a new platform developed initially for new Innovators but also a great source of reference for all Innovators. ttcAcademy is a tool that includes everything from job aids to quick links. This recent initiative aligns seamlessly with our core values of responsiveness and quality for our Innovators. As a virtual company, this platform truly helps cultivate our culture.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great mentor or a piece of feedback that can shape a project’s outcome. As an organization, ensure you have a mentorship program that supports the needs of your new hires and drives culture. As an employee or consultant, dive into mentorship, soak up the process and culture. Learn from mentors and peers alike and return the favor by providing good constructive feedback.

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