3 Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout – Engage, Train + Retain

Jessica Howell
Posted: November 30, 2016

Employee burnout is a common issue among the modern workplace and is a major reason why talented workers often leave their place of business. As an employer, learning to recognize the signs of burnout is the key way to avoiding it in the first place.

Signs of burnout in employees can include:

  • lack of motivation
  • impatience
  • frustration
  • increase in sick and personal days
  • cynicism

Doesn’t sound pleasant, right? So what can you do to avoid the dreaded employee burnout? Engage, train + retain! Keep reading to see how these three crucial steps can improve the overall morale of the workplace and keep your employees from burning out.



Check in frequently with your team. If you find you are starting to notice signs of burnout in one of your employees, check on it immediately. Schedule some 1-on-1 time to discuss it in a relaxed, stress-free manner. Invite the employee to lunch to talk about their issues on neutral ground. Offer a listening ear and make sure they feel heard and acknowledged, then work with them to identify the possible causes. Regularly scheduled check-ins with your employees can help prevent burnout as well. Have your HR or leadership team schedule quarterly check ins with each individual, separate from an employee review. By engaging with your employees and offering them the chance to air grievances or make suggestions for improvements, the workplace will feel more cohesive and less susceptible to burnout.


Your employees need to maintain necessary mental fitness in order to keep up in the workplace. This means setting aside time for employees to participate in training and development that will not only improve their job performance, but will personally develop them as well. Millennial employees are especially susceptible to workplace burnout if they aren’t constantly being developed and motivated. It will require a good amount of strategy on your part, but by implementing a training program you’ll remove any feelings of stagnant growth. If you need help figuring out how you can train and engage the Millennial generation and your employees, learn more about our training program, The Millennial Project and see how it can improve engagement within your organization.


It’s crucial to recognize your top performers. If your employees are feeling engaged and appreciated, they won’t burn out. Provide individual recognition by keeping track of top performers and recognizing employees for their good work. Offer frequent and comprehensive feedback on their performance while also helping them identify and achieve future goals.

In order to avoid burnout within your team and effectively help your entire organization, you’ll need a solid process in place so that you can focus on investing your time on your people, your values, and the growth of your business. Just remember to engage, train, and retain, and you’ll see a thriving workplace in no time.

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