3 Free Resources for the Instructional Designer

Emily Meade
Posted: July 24, 2018

Do you ever feel that you are constantly creating content and turning everyone else’s visions into a reality, resulting in creative burnout? In design work, it’s easy to hit a wall when it comes to inspiration. Today’s Tiny Topic gives three free resources to help instructional designers hit the reset button and get creative. Add these tools to your growing number of inspirational websites to help you #UnlockInnovation, and your next project will be a breeze!

These three free resources for instructional designers are:

Tekhnologic. Fun fact — Tekhnologic was created by an educator passionate about tech in the classroom, so you know these freebies were developed with the learner in mind. This site has incredible FREE downloads for interactive PPT games and activities!

Behance. Need a creative pick-me-up? Scroll and discover the innovative work of fellow designers on Behance. You never know what elements could transform your project into greater usability. Bonus — when you are all finished with your project, you can showcase it here to inspire others!

Eyespirations. Endless eLearning freebies? We say YES! On Eyespirations, a number of individuals in the learning community contribute design questions and best practices, work critiques, freelancing how-tos, and more. Grab the latest #53Freebies to add to your repertoire!

Bonus: Here’s one more FREE resource! Join our upcoming webinar on How to Bring Your PowerPoint Training to Life with Better Animations & Transitions on July 31st at 12 pm PST! Snag your seat below to refine your design skills.




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