3 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Lisa Ekern
Posted: February 6, 2017

Have you ever noticed how folks are spending their downtime these days? What would you do in your free time if you rode the subway or took an Uber every day? What do you see teammates doing when sitting in the breakroom? Common answers to these questions could involve the use of a smartphone or tablet. Many of us, given the opportunity, will pick up our smartphone or tablet to do a quick check of the news or social media.

Everyone uses their smartphone for everything these days, including learning. Why not utilize it to increase your training materials + help your learners? Click through to read our tips and learn how to best make mobile learning work for you.

In our world of ever-changing employee training and development, we are always looking for ways to improve the learners’ experience. We often wonder what is the most efficient, cost-effective way to impart knowledge on our learners while keeping them engaged. This makes me think — is there a way to incorporate the frequent use of smartphones in our quest to create that ultimate interactive learning experience? The answer is yes! Mobile learning is emerging as a mode through which we can connect with and engage our learners any time, any place.

Mobile learning allows us to provide a learning experience using small and specific bursts of knowledge on personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Being that learners enjoy engagement through a variety of multimedia platforms such as videos, podcasts, blogs, simulations and games, mobile learning is a perfect match!

Here are three key reasons why you should use mobile learning to connect with and engage your learners.


When we sit our learners in a new hire classroom for weeks on end, we can quickly enter the realm of information overload. When this occurs, it makes it harder for the learner to digest and retain the knowledge we share. Mobile learning allows you to provide a series of small learning bites using simulations, web-based training or other multimedia tools. The small bites of learning make it easier and quicker for your learners to complete the learning experience, which in turn makes it easier to comprehend and retain key learning points.


Learner engagement is key to the success of any learning experience. Mobile learning provides an avenue through which you can engage your audience by delivering a short burst of information at the right time, right place and proper pace. The learners can engage by viewing a video, completing a web-based training, listening to a podcast or reading a blog. Learners can also engage with peers, taking the course through their existing social media accounts to discuss key learning points and complete assignments.

Easy Access

Mobile learning allows the user to take their learning experience anywhere they go. Given a few free minutes, our learners can use their smartphone or tablet to review curriculum while riding the subway, bus or Uber. They can access their training from a local park or while on a treadmill. The opportunities for easy access to the learning experience are endless!

Mobile learning is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to connect with your learners. It allows you to impart knowledge while keeping your learners engaged. Take some time and investigate how you can incorporate mobile learning into your next learning experience.

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