10 Surprising Benefits of eLearning

Debbie Wooldridge
Posted: December 2, 2016

Most companies are aware of the general benefits of eLearning. It saves money because you don’t have to bring everyone together into a classroom, people can take training when it is convenient to them, and of course, eLearning offers a consistent training experience.

These are all great reasons to include eLearning as part of your corporate training regime. But did you know that eLearning also leads to increased revenue for your company? It’s true! Companies offering technology training such as eLearning generate 26 percent higher revenue per employee (Edwards, 2014). And that is just one great benefit to offering eLearning! Here are nine additional ways eLearning helps your company:

eLearning is more than just absorbing information for organizations and employees. This style of learning also has many surprising benefits that can foster additional development and skills. Click through to read more about the surprising benefits of elearning.

  1. An IBM study found a 17 percent increase in customer satisfaction among companies using learning technology.
  2. eLearning enables companies to create and communicate new policies, training, ideas and concepts quickly.
  3. Companies can reduce their carbon footprints significantly by offering eLearning. An Open University study showed that online learning uses 90 percent less energy and produces 85 percent fewer CO2 emissions per learner than traditional classroom training (Open University, 2005).
  4. Using eLearning, employees learn nearly five times more material without increasing training time.
  5. Retention rates of knowledge from eLearning training are between 25 and 60 percent, while face-to-face training retention rates are around 8 to 10 percent.
  6. Companies that include eLearning in their training arsenals achieve an 18 percent boost in employee engagement (The Molly Fletcher Company, 2013).
  7. eLearning helps companies increase their competitive edges by giving them opportunities to keep up with changes in their particular markets (CertifyMe.net, n.d.).
  8. Companies that offer eLearning opportunities report a reduction in employee turnover (ClickEdge, 2015).
  9. eLearning done right can help you attract, engage, and retain Millennial employees. If you need more ideas for how to engage Millennials, check out this blog post for additional tips.

So, don’t focus only on the obvious benefits of eLearning when planning your next training event. Think about all the other ways that eLearning can help you and your organization best meet the needs of your learners, your business goals, and your customers!


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