Mack Granite – Aug 2017 (Responsive)

This web-based responsive course smashes through any roadblock encountered when making product recommendations. Using the product (truck) as the teaching tool along with real customer conversation, this jazzing and fun course has expanded conversations and sales!   Ready to keep sipping? Taste-test more of our proprietary blends…

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Process of Automation

Roll the dice, take a spin… where might you land and will you win? In this web-based training, every participant walks away a winner. We transformed systems training into a fun game; players go through “Key/Combo Basics Forest” and down into the “Valley of Running Inventory Reports,” over the “MyKeys Overview Mountains” and through the... View Article

System Navigation

    If it’s happening on the big screen, it’s easy to create a lot of buzz! But most of our clients’ employees are working with much smaller screens — no movie star around and a lot tougher to build excitement. We focused on offering need-to-know content in an appealing format in this module that... View Article

New System Deployment

Pass me the comics, would you? This course features a cast of professional characters who lead the learner through the basics of a new Home Loan Fulfillment platform. It gives a whole new meaning to the FUNny pages!  Ready to keep sipping? Taste-test more of our proprietary blends…