Packing a Micro Punch

This quick video is microlearning at its best! The 90-second video packs a lot of punch and quickly provides a knowledge transfer to learners. The auditory and visual appeal with videos and text animation provide a solid foundation for retention and recall to elicit the intended behavior change.    Ready to keep sipping? Taste-test more of... View Article

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Teamwork Life

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How To Update Your Availability

Want the inside scoop on how our Innovators provide us their availability for project opportunities? We use this micro-burst video to educate our own Innovators about posting availability so we can quickly and easily resource projects and staffing opportunities. Be on the lookout for some fun bloopers toward the end!  Ready to keep sipping? Taste-test more of... View Article

Goal Setting

When deciding what you want to achieve in life, take aim and shoot for the stars! Make a stellar commitment on reaching your life goals by plotting a direct course to achieving success. This short-burst video shows you five easy steps you can take toward reaching your celestial destination. How’s that for #goals?  Ready to keep sipping?... View Article

Creating a Personal Vision Statement

Microlearning that’s totally buzz-worthy! We’ve mastered the art of crafting short-burst learning that delivers powerful messages! In this example, we’ve combined straightforward narration with compelling graphics to convey one inspiring message. Tune in to see how we motivate learners to self-reflect, focus on their unique “why,” and work toward their purpose-driven goals. Now that’s worth envisioning time after time!  Ready to keep... View Article

The Art of Negotiation

How do you communicate savvy negotiating practices in a way that is fresh and appealing to new generations? You jump right in with a learning experience that’s fast-paced and, most importantly, relatable and instantly usable! Skilled negotiations are all about win-win.We think this learning experience is as well!  Ready to keep sipping? Taste-test more of our... View Article