Our Top eLearning Blogs to Follow

Jessica Howell
Posted: January 5, 2015

Looking for some helpful hints, advice on facing common dilemmas in instructional design, or just a fun read while you take a break and grab another cup of joe? Check out some of our favorite eLearning bloggers!

Jennifer Valley

Head over to Jennifer’s blog for a variety of well-written posts on subjects that range from training tools to family time. With frequent updates and an archive on the sidebar, there’s always something new (and funny) to read. Her posts are also short and sweet, so you can fit them easily into your busy schedule. Check out “10 Things Instructional Designers Don’t Like to Hear” for a hearty laugh!

Ashley Chiasson

Ashley’s blog is educational, yet relatable. We love the way her site is laid out — easy to navigate, with clean and crisp graphics. Ashley’s “E-Learning Challenge” posts are fun and informative, and they feature a “Concept, Method, Result” layout, reminiscent of those high school science experiments. Her resources page is also a great reference for helpful eLearning tools, books, websites, and more.

Mike Taylor

Mike’s blog is both instructional and visually captivating. He uses graphics and step-by-step directions to walk readers through a number of different scenarios. While his posts are generally more geared towards other bloggers, there are several great guides to be found on the site, such as this list of top 10 learning tools.

Jackie Van Nice

One of the most creative bloggers on our list, Jackie’s stylish and strong voice makes it oh-so-easy to fall in love with her blog. Whatever challenges you’re going through as an ID, she’s been there — and she’s ready to share her experiences and expert advice with anyone who asks. Take a look at Jackie’s weekly challenges for ideas on graphic design, motivating learners, and staying at the top of your game. Don’t be afraid to get in touch — this brilliant blogger is happy to answer questions or chat!

Mel Milloway

The smooth, interactive style of Mel’s Learning Lab represents a new generation of instructional design. Her posts touch on new technology, current trending topics, and ways to go against the grain that will make your work stand out. We enjoy her lists, such as “6 Alternatives to Old School Next and Back Buttons,” which offer new options for out-of-date features.


Last, but not least, our blog of course! We pride ourselves in offering up a huge assortment of posts written by our very own ttc Innovators. If you haven’t yet had a chance, look through the archive and see what your fellow contractors have to say! We have topics varying from staff aug, training Millennials, Generation Z, instructional design tools, training tips, and everything in between!

Look for these and more on this list of top eLearning blogs. (Pssst…we’re number 33!) While this list is a good indicator of up-and-coming blogs in the learning biz, it doesn’t necessarily reflect personality or tone. Many of the blogs further down the list are more relatable, and often more entertaining to read than the big name blogs at the top. You may find some diamonds in the rough!

Do you blog? What are some of your favorite eLearning blogs?

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