Book Club: In the Company of Women

Emily Meade
Posted: February 28, 2018

Welcome to the ttcInnovations Book Club, month two! Grab a cup o’ joe (our team’s fuel of choice!) and hunker down with our February pick. Last month, we shared The Compound Effect, which discussed practicing healthy and positive habits on a daily basis that contribute to overall success. Whatever our choices, they are all compounding to either draw us closer to our goals or further away from them. This month, we are shifting our focus from a book that can help you contemplate your everyday choices to a read that will inspire you each time you open it.

Although our ttcInnovations family is quite diverse, we are a certified woman-owned business — so this next book is very fitting, as it speaks to our own humble beginnings!

Whether it fits snugly in your bookshelf or rests proudly on your coffee table, In the Company of Women contains a fascinating compilation of inspiring and innovative profiles. Over 100 creators, artists, and entrepreneurs offer their advice, insight, and stories across the 300+ jam-packed pages!

Why is it important?

Even if you don’t consider your job “creative,” there is still some level of creativity needed to #UnlockInnovation; and gleaning from other’s ideas, resources, or even failures can spark creative thoughts. Right off the bat, the introduction of In the Company of Women says that “Visibility is one of the most powerful tools we have in inspiring people to pursue their dreams and educating them about all the amazing options that exist.” We can’t hope to do what we haven’t yet seen or heard. Applying these inspirational accounts to your position within your company can allow you to innovate and become a true intrapreneur.

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Who should read it?

Everyone! Regardless of your aspirations, gender, goals, age, career (the list could keep going!), this book is for you. It is chock-full of lessons learned by poor decisions, methods formed by serendipitous moments, and advice given by seasoned creatives — all just waiting for you to delve into, skim over, and grow from!

What are the key takeaways?

Too many to list! Interview after interview, In the Company of Women asks women (whether they’re juggling startups or maintaining decades of industry experience) those important questions we all ask ourselves. From their greatest successes to what they would do with $100 million, to attributes they admire in fellow women, how they have handled self-doubt, and MORE, there’s no way anyone can walk away from reading these pages and not be inspired, motivated, enlightened, and ready to #UnlockInnovation. To give you an idea though, here are a few that caught our eye…

“Keep it simple and do the work.” — Michele Quan

“Success means making meaningful work that promotes inclusivity and community.” — Tanya Aguinga

“Be nice to people. Stay humble. Give back.” — Justina Blakeney

Last perk? (even though we feel like we barely scratched the surface!) The cover of this book is absolutely beautiful and will complement any space! If you get your hands on it, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to hop on over to any of our social media accounts (@ttcInnovations) and tell us what inspired YOU!

About the Author

Emily is a social media marketer with an affinity for bringing an authentic voice to creative words. In the past few years, Emily has primarily assisted both small and large businesses alike craft their brand, grow their audience, and build community through social media platforms. Her own writing can be found on a number of blogs relating to the industry and laced through social media accounts masked as the brand’s identity. She first joined the ttcInnovations’ family as a freelance contractor but has now settled into a part-time role where she oversees all social media initiatives with her expertise flair and intrapreneurial skills. Her love for craft coffee, explorative travel, and watercolor art fuel her inspiration and creativity on the job.