Blog Linkup: Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Posted: May 14, 2015

It all started with one single tweet…

And then our wheels started turning…

What if we could get multiple point of view on this same topic?

So we put our eLearning brains together and decided to do a blog post linkup! Not sure what a link up is? Let us explain…

What is a blog link up?

A blog link up is when multiple bloggers post about the same topic on the same day or sometimes on the same week. The bloggers link back to each others posts (in their own post) so that their readers can visit the other blogs and read multiple points of view on the said topic. It’s a great way for readers to find new blogs that they might also interest them, for like-minded writers to get together, build a sense of community, gain new readers, and support each other. That’s a win, win, win if you ask us!

I’m interested, will you be hosting more of these?

If all goes well with our first little experiment, we would love to! Keep an eye out for future postings on our linkups or feel free to send a note here letting us know you’d like us to follow up with more details.

For our first LinkUp, we asked:

What does a Day in the life of an instructional designer look like?

We gave our participators complete creative freedom for this post but offered the following ideas…

You can organize your post like a Buzzfeed list, an hourly description of your typical day, “a day in the life of an ID in photos”, etc.

With guidelines like that, we couldn’t wait to see what these creative minds came up with! We had some great responses and let’s just say they didn’t let us down! See what we mean and check out all of our contributors’ “Day in the Life Of” posts. You’re sure to be entertained and discover some great new blogs to follow!

Jackie Van Nice || Ashley Chaisson || Rachel Barnum || Melissa Milloway

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